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[Chill and grill]
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Bacon Cheeseburger

180gr. Galician "Vaca Vieja" Burger, Homemade Pickles, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, "Maresme" Oak Leaf, HandCrafted B.B.Q Sauce, House Secret Sauce.

Roquefort Burger

180gr. Galician "Vaca Vieja" Burger, Roquefort Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Bacon & Onions Jam, "Maresme" Oak Leaf, HandCrafted Old Mustard Mayo.

Monkey Burger

180gr. Galician "Vaca Vieja" Burger D.O. Smoked Cheddar, Fried Egg, "Maresme" Oak Leaf, Housemade Sriracha Mayo. Crispy Tempura Onion Rings on Top!

Smoky Burger

180gr. Galician "Vaca Vieja" Burger, Bacon & Onions Jam, Homemade Pickles, Melted Smoked Cheddar, "Maresme" Oak Leafe, House Secret Sauce.


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[slow-cooked happiness]
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Chicken Chipotle

Our Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Tenders, Bacon, Edam Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, "Maresme" Oak Leaf, ,Handcrafted Chipotle Mayo.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Our Famous Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Macerated with Mix of Spices and our Handcrafted B.B.Q Sauce that makes it have a unique flavour. With Melted Cheddar and Homemade Secret Sauce.

Pulled Pork Acevichado

Our Famous Pulled Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Macerated with Lime, Cilantr, Coriander, and Red Figueres Onions, Secret House Sauce.

Sweet Thai Chilli Pork

Our Famous Pulled Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Mixed & Marinated w/ Basil, Mint & Cucumber with our Sweet-Mild-Spicy Ginger Chilli Sauce.


[slow-cooked happiness]
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Jalapenos 1,00€
Crispy Onions 1,00€
Bacon 2,00€
Fried Egg 2,00€
Cheddar Cheese 2,00€
Brie, Roquefort or Goat Cheese 2,00€
Bacon & Onion Jam 2,00€
Truffled Mixed Mushrooms 2,00€
Guacamole 2,00€
Beer Tempura Onion Rings 2,90€
Extra pulled pork 4,50€
Extra Beef Patty "Vaca Vieja" D.O. 4,50€
Hand Crafted Sauce (Curry Ketchup - BBQ - Ali Oli) 1,20€
Extra Chipotle Sauce- House Hot Sause - Wasabi Wasabi) 1,70€

BBQ Pulled Pork

Our Famous Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Macerated with Mix of Spices and our Homemade Barbecue Sauce that makes it have a unique flavor. We add Melted Cheddar and homemade Sauce

Pulled Pork Acevichado

Our Famous Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Macerated with Lime, Cilantro, Figueres Onions, Cilantro and a Touch of House Sauce

Sweet Thai Chilli Pork

Our Famous Pork Cooked at Low Temperature (12hrs) soft and juicy, Mix of Basil, Onion from Figueres, Cilantro, Mint and Cucumber Macerated in Our Sweet Chilli Sauce, slightly Spicy.

Veggi Burger

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Veggie Burger

Quinoa and Chickpea Seasoned Patty, Crispy Carrots & Zucchini, Yogurt-Mint Sauce. Coriander. Served in Artisan Bun, Freshly Made.

Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad

Mix of Lollo Leaves (Hydroponic sowing lettuce). Classic Housemade Caesar Dressing, Croutons & Parmesan. Crispy Chicken Tenders on Top.

Ensalada Rústica Roquefort

Mix of Lollo leaves (Hydroponic sowing lettuces). Roquefort Cheese, Crispy Onions, Croutons, homemade Honey Mustard Dressing.


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Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad

Mix "Maresme" Oak Leaf Km.0 (Hydroponic sowing lettuce). Classic homemade Caesar dressing, croutons, Parmesan cheese and crispy chicken tenders.

Rustic Roquefot Sald

"Maresme" Oak Leaf Km.0(Hydroponic sowing lettuces). Roquefort cheese, crispy onion, croutons, homemade Dijon dressing and honey.

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Nachos a la Minute

Freshly-Made Corn Tortilla Chips, Housemade Guacamole. Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeño. >> Add Pulled Pork (+4,50€)


Jalapeño poppers, stuffed with cheddar cheese. Fried and served with homemade Secret Sauce.

Beer Tempura Onion Rings

Crispy Beer Tempura Onion Rings with Housemade Porter B.B.Q Sauce.

Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders with Double Crust, Super Crispy, Macerated in Our Special Mix of Butter and Spices.

Hand-Crafted Chips

Accompanied with our Homemade Curry Ketchup.

Bravas Potatoes

Cube Cut Creamy Fried Potatoes With Housemade Ali OLi Sauce and Special House Hot Sauce on top.

Sweet Potato Bravas

Cube Cut Creamy Fried Sweet Potatoes With Housemade Ali Oli & Special House Hot Sauce on top.

All our sauces are homemade


Homemade chocolate brownie with Artisan Mascarpone Ice Cream


[natural & biodynamic]
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Cucú 2022 - Barco del Corneta

5,70€ - 26,5€
Castilla y León, Valladolid, La Seca. 100% Verdejo. 8 months in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels on its fine lees. Ecological, Quiet, Aromatic and fragrant. Barco del Corneta Winery.

Gómez Cruzado Blanco - 2021

6€ - 27€
España, La Rioja, Haro. Viura (85%) y Tempranillo blanco (15%). Blanco, Traditional, Tranquil, Aromatic and fragrant. Winery Gómez Cruzado.

Buen Rollo 2020 - Dominio del Bendito

6,50€ - 33€
Castilla y León, Toro - Zamora. 100% Tinta de Toro from vineyards between 15-40 years old (60%) and over 45 years old (40%). Crianza: 3-4 months in American and French oak barrels from 1 to 5 years. Traditional, Calm, Fruity and juicy.


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Caravelle - Retro Cola

Organic Cola Naturally Sweetened / by Caravelle Brewery.

Caravelle - Pink Lemonade

Hibiscus & Pomelo Soda / by Caravelle Brewery / Naturally Sweetened

Caravelle - Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Soda by Caravelle Brewery / Naturally Sweetened





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