"If you mix insanely good burgers with top quality craft beer and do it in a city that’s as much fun as Barcelona is, then you’re onto a home run. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. Great fun with even greater burgers."


  • "Un espacio gastronómico con aires americanos y estilo latino"

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    "Un local que huye de apelativos donde se premia el producto de proximidad y una materia primera de calidad D.O. con la que construyen una carta Soul Food con toques sudamericanos de su Venezuela natal."

    "...No podemos evitar probar uno de sus cócteles elaborados con licores ecológicos. Un Mojito a base de ron blanco orgánico con toque amargo; una explosión refrescante que nos alivia el gaznate y ya de paso, nos anima la mañana."

    "Un incondicional del barrio que sigue manteniendo la esencia del bar popular que algún día fue, con aires modernos y una cocina de recorrido en manos de dos apasionados de la comida."

  • "Creative Honest Food and Craft Beer"

    Barcelona Food Experience


    Bar Centro is like that cool friend that you secretly wish you’d be more like. They do everything so perfectly: in an effortless way and with a complete absence of self-promotion.

    "If you are looking for some of the more innovative street food dishes in Barcelona, this bar is without a doubt a must visit."

    These kinds of kitchens are truly something special, where good ingredients are used, everything is made with plenty of care and from scratch, and the flavours talk for themselves. The word we are looking for here is Honest. Honest, good food."

  • "Sweet Thai Chili Pork"


    “El futuro de la comida popular es la fusión del street food de todo el mundo”, dice Carlos Gremone, un cocinero venezolano que con la publicista Debora Schneider reconvirtió en 2014 un bar de menú en bocatería top." "La cita podría ser vacía si no hiciera diana: un bocadillo de cerdo desmenuzado (EUA) que pasa por Perú –albahaca y cilantro– y se aposenta en la boca con una salsa dulce-picante con chile y jengibre (thai) tiene toda la coherencia del mundo. Todo lo hacen desde cero y bien.

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We are Carlos and Debora, lovers of good food and we do it as we believe it should be done: by hand, that is why everything is homemade!

The fire and the grill, merge and balance; doing it with our hands… makes us human.

Totally natural meats + high quality 100% organic fresh ingredients + a selection of craft beers

A good meal must go hand in hand with a good beer.





Monday: 13.00-15.30 / 18.30-22.30 

Tuesday: 18:30 – 22:30

Wednesday: 13.00-15.30 / 18.30-22.30

Thursday – Friday – Saturday 13.00-16.00 / 18.30-23.00

Sunday: Closed



    Reservations are subject to confirmation, in this way, when you send the form, you should receive an email with the confirmation of your reservation and its conditions.

    Reservations less than 2 hours in advance are subject to availability review and are not guaranteed without email confirmation.

    Reservation Policy:

    • We appreciate your punctuality
    • The reserved table cannot be occupied until all the guests have arrived.
    • After 15 minutes the reservation will be canceled due to lateness or in case the group is not complete it will be canceled.
    • Due to space issues, we do not accept strollers inside the restaurant.
    • We do not have a highchair or children’s menu. (we do not work with special requests).
    • It is not allowed to bring cakes or desserts to the restaurant.
    • We do not process reservations via mail, or social networks.

    If the contact details provided by you are wrong or make it impossible to reconfirm your reservation, it will be canceled.

    We appreciate filling in all the boxes with accurate information.

    To cancel your reservation at any time or for any modification please contact us.

    We always leave a part of the tables unreserved for those who visit us without reservation.

    BASIC INFORMATION FOR DATA PROTECTION: In order to achieve our task of giving information to the interested parties regarding circumstances and conditions for treating their data and their corresponding rights, we inform you the following: RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA PROTECTION: Bar Centro – Burgers & Craft Beer – Carlos Gremore González. PURPOSE FOR DATA MANAGEMENT: We have the right to managing and answer all queries. DATA FILING: The data shall be filed and maintained in our system the necessary time during our relationship and enforceable according to law, being such to be destroyed after this period through safe procedures of our organization. LEGITIMACY FOR DATA TREATMENT: Legitimate interest of the interested parties to give service and answer the information form. ADDRESSEES OF PERSONAL DATA: It is not permitted to allow the data transfer except in those cases in which a legal obligation is binding. There is no forecast of international data transfer. RIGHTS: The party can revoke the agreement and exercise their Rights to access, rectify, oppose, limit, keep and suppress data, writing to Bar Centro – Burgers & Craft Beer – Carlos Gremore González, in C/ Caspe 55, 08010, Barcelona apart from coming to the competent control authority (AEPD).